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Since 2007, the HafenCity Hamburg GmbH awards the eco-label HafenCity, the first building certificate for sustainable building in Germany. Since 2010, the certification is a mandatory specification for the pre-sale development planning phase of properties in the Hamburg harbour and is applicable for diverse utilisation profiles such as residential, commercial, assembly areas, etc. In doing so, at least three of the five categories must fulfil the highest specification of the procedure. Thus, despite the general obligation, the developers can still set their own accents. The valuation takes place for the following categories

  • K 1 Energy resources
  • K 2 Public goods
  • K 3 Environmentally friendly building materials
  • K 4 Health and comfort
  • K 5 Sustainable operation of the building


  • Content-related proximity to the DGNB system
  • Procedure which is directed to the particular urban development aspects of Hamburg harbour, for example by the requirement for public access to areas on the ground floor in order to ensure for a lively district, also outside working hours.
  • Interfaces or integration of cross-district mobility concepts with conditions for the underground garage (car sharing, charging stations, etc.)
  • Binding requirements for the generation of regenerative energies on one’s own property

HafenCity Hamburg GmbH


Purchase agreements of the properties are bound to achieving the Platinum standards since 2017.